Solfeggio Scale 9

The idea and the origin of the first six and now nine solfeggio frequencies are related to historical traditions, according to which there are certain musical frequencies that have healing properties. They have already been demonstrated in Gregorian chants. However, the theory is not based on sufficient scientific evidence. In practice, healing solfeggio frequencies have only been used in music. There are a few scientific publications claiming that one of the frequencies in particular, 528HZ, is capable of repairing DNA. The iMRS prime is the world‘s first and only PEMF system that generates the 9 defined Solfeggio frequencies as individual electromagnetic sine waves and delivers them to the body. The individual frequencies and their properties are described in the literature as follows:

24 Minutes


Color Brainwave stimulation:
see parameters below

The 6 original frequencies:
396HZ – Letting go of fear and guilt
417HZ – Letting go of negativity and trauma
528HZ – Repairing DNA, also known as the frequency of love
639HZ – Promoting harmony
741HZ – Elimination of toxins
852HZ – Awakening intuition

The 3 “newly added” frequencies:
174HZ – Relief of pain, stress and tension
285HZ – Restoration and healing of tissue
963HZ – Activation and expansion of consciousness

Application of the following individual frequencies, 2 minutes each, one after the other, sine wave:
174Hz, 285Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 693 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, 963 Hz

1. 18 minutes: Intensity 25,
Color R 0 | G 160 | B 160, Brightness 100%, FIR temperature 50%