Triple Sawtooth

The electromagnetic signal changes continuously producing constant induction of electromagnetism into the body’s tissues.
Maximizing ion displacement and preventing cellular membrane fatigue.
Cell membrane remains responsive to the signals, optimizing the beneficial effects of electromagnetic stimulation.
Research has shown that the sawtooth carrier waveform provides the most effective magnetic resonance stimulus of all the waveforms.

Square Wave

An instantaneous rise to the maximum intensity, followed by a consistent peak and then an instantaneous fall to zero intensity.
NASA research* proved that square waves are extremely effective for repairing and regenerating cellular structures, particularly neurons.
* NASA/TP-2003-212054

Sinusoidal Wave

It gradually increases in intensity, then gradually decreases in intensity
NASA research* showed, that the sinusoidal wave is one of the least effective waveforms for electromagnetic therapy (found in common PEMF devices)
* NASA/TP-2003-212054